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He came to ask for debt

He came to ask for debt

He came to ask for debt

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    He came to ask for debt
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    Murphy's law
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-23 08:14:32
Since the unknown year, the world in which last Ai Li lived began to develop. Not only did super powers appear, but also gradually formed a state of integration of other worlds and mixing with aborigines for example, she can see that taizaizhi and wutiaowu can exchange the experience of excellent people's teachers face to face, or shashengwan can teach her history lessons, Inuyasha can teach her physical education... What's the matter with the world after vaguely realizing that these problems are related to her existence, the level 1 low-level talent shangtiao Aili returned to the starting point of her memory. Kanagawa Prefecture was determined to find the truth, and the story began the setting of the growing group favorite female leader: the person with low-level ability has the ability to see through other people's information (including weaknesses), and has no system. Please don't expect her to be a rookie in the early stage he is good at issuing good cards, so he provoked many people who shouldn't be provoked

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