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Seven months glass drunk silent

Seven months glass drunk silent

Seven months glass drunk silent

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3801 ratings
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    Seven months glass drunk silent
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    Cui Qiqi
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    Used Book
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2022-01-22 15:23:01
[hey, July ~ do you remember? Under the cherry tree, we promised to be together forever and never separate?] [well, I always remember, never forget. What's the matter? Liuli.] [I may......] [what is possible?] [emmm ~ nothing ~ come on, drink and cheers ~ celebrate the fifth anniversary of our love ~] [OK ~] Qiang ~ bilibilibili cheers ~ Gulu Gulu ~ [good wine, but it feels a little different from the usual wine? Is it my illusion?] [no, it may be your illusion ~ July!] [why... Coloured glaze, I feel my head is beginning to faint...?] 【 July 】 [coloured glaze......] the brain is getting heavier and heavier, the vision is gradually blurred, and the consciousness is slowly sleeping< br> duang---! Say -- when July was drunk, the wine cup in his hand rolled down to the ground under the moonlit night, the bright moonlight and the tears of colored glass intersect and twinkle she gently lifted up the sleepy seven months with her hands, and her tears couldn't stop falling countless difficulties linger in my mind [Qiyue, I'm sorry... Forgive Liuli for leaving you in this silent and drunken way, but please believe! I! Love you forever..... But I'm sorry, Liuli missed his appointment! Forget me..... And then say goodbye ---! The man I love most in my life ---!! Qiyue.] with a reluctant heart and inexhaustible tears Liuli finally turned around crying and ran in the pouring rain keep telling [sorry... July.]

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