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Dawn returns to the morning

Dawn returns to the morning

Dawn returns to the morning

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5566 ratings
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    Dawn returns to the morning
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    Yan Shili
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    Woske Novel
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2022-07-01 05:44:59
Please watch how a police detective Gao Leng, who has a black stomach and a false sense of prudence, tames and rescues another heavy fine points secret crazy criticism meiqiang tragedy< Br> jiangluoxi, a university teacher who was sought after by many male students, was involved in a case. He didn't want to meet xiaochenyu, the criminal investigation team leader. From then on, he was tracked down, questioned and tied up by various kinds of reluctant flowers< Br> however, Captain Yan Luoxiao, who claims that women have not been around for many years and that there is a little bit of human nature, has almost become a normal person in the eyes of the gossip group of the criminal investigation team since he met Jiang Meili< Br> in front of outsiders, Captain Xiao never turns a blind eye to Miss Jiang's top-level display anytime and anywhere; Then I'll see them the next day. Miss Jiang can always be as good as a little sheep< Br> however, after a while, one will continue to be deaf and blind and pretend to be deaf and dumb, while the other will never be able to live in his own home... label: a strong eye can save thousands of years logic is self consistent and law-abiding.

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