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Come on, lady, what a big man

Come on, lady, what a big man

Come on, lady, what a big man

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    Come on, lady, what a big man
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    Weak water West
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    52weixin Books
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2022-08-10 08:33:46
Tao Ran, who has worked hard for many years, just wants to make good use of the last time of his life however, Keng dad's script took a fancy to her trouble making skills and forcibly pulled her into the small world the first world, the vicious sister group of the entertainment industry Tao Ran: the entertainment industry is my home. Let's watch me set up a counter attack and smash it directly, but before that, I'll take them for a few rounds the second world, trying to eat redundant men who are homeless Tao Ran: slag men must abuse! Together with his hated mother and sisters, let me pack and tear them by hand, but before that, I want them to cry and shout "Dad, spare your life" the third world... Tao Ran: since I entered the small world, my waist is no longer sour and my legs are no longer painful. I eat delicious and energetic! Hey! Whatever your plot and background, just let it go the person called "hello" holds a lot of golden fingers that haven't been sent out in time: big man, you are a natural woman, really big man without CP, the author is better and can eat at ease~

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