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Too affectionate

Too affectionate

Too affectionate

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    Too affectionate
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    Qianzhi thirteen strings
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    Hot Read
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The first big marriage Yichuan tobacco covered the city with flying catkins, coarse cloth, red clothes and joyous couples he didn't know she had been interested in her for a long time, and she didn't know the root of his love it was not clear that they shared two hearts with Luan mirror the second big marriage the sage and wise man of the holy city without dirt, silver crown and white clothes celebrated all over the world he was speechless holding a jade bottle, and she went to kill with a sword it was clear that the soul and dream King were close to death and life, but it was difficult to express deep feelings The third wedding the holy city was rarely lively on that day the Phoenix wing of the Holy Family in red in the half city congratulated the god pearl couplet the queen of the pure chimera in the half city died in thirty-seven degrees people say that the most merciful is only a holy heart the Buddha's face is kind-hearted and has no pity for his new wife the daughter of Bai Zexuan, the queen of the 101st Buddha half of her life has been famous for many years, but she has been seventeen years since she died alas Let's not mention it, but it's more or less a pity if you don't have true feelings, you can also have white hair, eyebrows, children and grandchildren everywhere with the same heart, you can only end up with new hatred, old hatred, death and separation in the end, it's too emotional to be peaceful - Xuan Wanyan ice carved jade beauty bone, wind knife, frost sword and life demanding person jingsakhalan jade tree is facing the wind, and the gentleman is kind to all sentient beings [small theater] in the eyes of Chen Li, A beautiful woman in a rainbow dress, walking in the sunset and shaking the hairpin, how bright it is, burning like a lotus, how thick it is, and how beautiful it is like a peach and a plum in Wan Yan's eyes, the majestic childe is gorgeous in clothes and silver crowns. He is so prosperous that he can cover the sky. He is so moist that he can move Song Yu people live for only a few decades. Where can they compare with this eye, it is difficult to forget for generations to come.

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