Divorce is never a happy event, but a TOXIC DIVORCE is a living nightmare!

How do you know if you are involved in a TOXIC DIVORCE?


A “normal” divorce has enough pain and grief associated with it.  The TOXIC DIVORCE is shrouded in bitterness that escalates, even long after the divorce takes place.  The contentious nature of the situation is what drives families into financial ruin and emotionally damages children.

The courts often miss the signs of a true toxic divorce and label it as “high conflict” placing responsibility for the contention on both parties.  Worse yet, is that the person causing the conflict is usually able to manipulate “the system” and use it to their benefit.

The TOXIC DIVORCE is never ending and relentless.

No matter how horrific your experience is, there is a way to circumvent your spouse’s consistently inconsistent behavior.   My program is a proven methodology for picking up the pieces of your shattered life to ultimately gain autonomy and have the life you want and deserve.

Are you in a contentious divorce that is ruining your life?

Are you going from lawyer to lawyer with no resolve?

Do you believe your spouse is alienating your children from you?

Are you in a Toxic Divorce?

Susan Shofer, The Divorce Consultant

                      Let me show you how to:

  • Gain clarity of your situation and your spouses motives
  • Maintain your health and stamina as your spouses tries to exhaust you
  • Find the perfect attorney who understands the TOXIC DIVORCE and how to obtain a successful outcome for you
  • Create financial strength as your spouses tries to throw you into poverty
  • Protect your children from getting into the crossfire between you and your spouse
  • Build a support system of people to lean on during challenging times
  • Avoid dating pitfalls 
  • Begin a new life!! 

TOXIC DIVORCES don’t get better on their own and they don’t resolve using the typical divorce strategies utilized by most attorneys.  You have to be proactive in taking care of your health and well-being,  finances, and children.  I developed my program with some simple strategies to set up roadblocks against your spouse’s vendetta against you.