Children Going Through Divorce During the Holidays


The holidays are upon us with the frenzied flurry of activity that comes with them.   Thanksgiving brings with it the most heavily trafficked day of the year as families come together to have a turkey dinner.  I am not quite sure how much the sacred family time really takes place since the lines for Black Friday begin to form the day BEFORE Thanksgiving.  I have spoken with so many people whose family traditions are steeped in the shopping experience.  Thanksgiving dinners are held earlier so no one misses the bargains that begin mid-day on Thanksgiving.  And so the Christmas shopping season begins followed by another month of maniacal activity.

Going through a divorce during the holidays is difficult.  If you have children, new challenges are definitely presented.  No matter how difficult the divorce process is for you, remember that the divorce is a decision that you and your spouse have made.  Divorce is not a decision that the children want, Divorce is something they are forced to live with. If this is the first holiday season for them as a fractured family, take time away from your feverish pace of the holidays to slow down and recognize that this is a time of struggle for them.   It can be a time of new beginnings.

Start by making some new traditions with your children.  Maybe you can do something unique the night before Thanksgiving; something you agree on that is a lot of fun.  If your children will spend all or part of Thanksgiving Day with you, pick out a special food to have with for dinner that you all love.  The day after Thanksgiving can be chocked full of new things to call “tradition.”  If your children are old enough, make it a joint effort and have them get involved.  Make sure any transition between you and your spouse, as far as the children are concerned, is as seamless as possible.  Holidays should be about happy traditions and not shrouded in the angst of the parent’s divorce.

These simple ideas will turn your holidays into wonderful moments that will imprint make happy memories for your children and you.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday!!!


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