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Divorce is difficult.

It’s a long and often arduous process.  Whether you are the spouse who initiated the process, the spouse who had the news dropped them, or even the children of the divorcing couple, divorce is difficult.  That is in the best of circumstances.  Add in contention, anger or in contentious divorce situations it is hell.

Through the divorce process, you have a lot being thrown at you.  Realization of your situation; finding and interviewing Attorneys; financial planning and settling your joint assets and liabilities; navigating your children through the process; going to court… just to name a few.

In the more contentious of Divorces, you may come across Retaliation, Abuse and other Toxic Behaviors.  Worse than that, you may be experiencing Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).  Click here for a short video on PAS.

There are many good books on the market that cover the topics and nuances of divorce, but never a step-by-step workbook complete with tear-outs to personalize your experience.  UNTIL NOW!  

Included in the Workbook and Program is extensive information about finding the right Attorney and working with them, Finances and Divorce, Your Children and the Divorce, Parental Alienation, Preparing for and understanding the Courts, Evidence gathering, Taking Care of Yourself, Dealing with Retaliation as well as Dating Again.

Written over several years by Susan Shofer after her own highly contentious divorce, the Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook is a great interactive guide to getting organized and prepared for your divorce.

Also available are Guidebooks on “Courts, Evidence & Social Media” as well as “Finding the Right Attorney“and the in-depth Juggling Your Divorce Program including Audio Podcasts and Worksheets to offer more help to people, just like you who are thinking about or already in their divorce process.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook and Program were inspired by Susan’s own contentious divorce.
Susan began her professional career in the financial industry working for an International Investment Firm.
After that she was an agency licensed private investigator for two decades where she amassed thousands of court testifying hours.

Topics included are: Realization of the situation | Attorneys | Finances | Children | Parental Alienation | Courts & Evidence | Recognizing Retaliation | Dating Again

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