Divorce Tip: Holidays Are a Tough Time for Divorced People

Holidays are a tough time for divorced people. It is an especially difficult time if you have moved into the new space of “singlehood” after being a couple for a long time.  During the holidays you will receive all kinds of advice from people on how to get through the holidays. If you haven’t already noticed, the well-meaning advice usually comes from people who have never been divorced.

My suggestion is to do what you have to do to feel safe and comfortable during the holidays.  I think it is a good idea to mingle with friends and family and stay engaged with them during the holidays but, that’s just me.  If it feels better to stay home and watch old movies, clean out your kitchen pantry or do some other household chores you have meaning to do, by all means, do it.  This is your experience, not anyone else’s. You need to do what feels right for you.

This year may not be what you had wanted it to be but, you can make it what you want.





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