Divorce Tip: Holidays Can Be About New Beginnings

new beginnings

It seems like everyone is rushing around for the holidays earlier and earlier every year.   Do any of us remember a time when stores were closed on Thanksgiving and we spent the day with our family?  Now Thanksgiving is more sales than about being with our loved ones.  During this time when EVERYONE appears to be in a holiday lust, it actually is a time when many people (even those in relationships) feel alone or depressed.

As endless as it seems, I look at the holiday season as five weeks of sheer madness.  If you are feeling down about your recent split with your partner/spouse, try and find something positive during the holidays.  Connect with an old friend.  Maybe take a few long walks at dusk to soak in the quiet dark of winter.  Give some of your time at a shelter. If you have children, you can include them in some of these activities and create some new traditions.

Holidays don’t have to be about sadness, loneliness or longing for old times. Rather they can be about new beginnings.

Wishing you all the best.




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