Letter: My Ex Is Keeping Our Children From Me

Letters From Readers

Dear Susan,

I posted something about my ex-husband’s wife on Facebook.  He is now mad and is keeping our children from me. I haven’t seen my kids in three weeks. I called the police but they don’t seem to be of any help.  What can I do?



Hi Janice,

You didn’t give me much to go on so I will try to give you some suggestions based on missing information.

First of all, do you have a custody agreement? If you do and your ex-husband is in violation of that agreement, he can be held in contempt of court.  What you post of Facebook is irrelevant.   If you have a custody agreement with defined visiting times and your ex is in violation, the police must enforce the court order.  The fact that you state that the police are of no help tells me that you don’t have a solid custody agreement.  Because I am not sure of what your custody arrangement is, I cannot make any suggestions on what to do other than what I have stated here so far.

Now for the Facebook posting. Janice, why?  In my new workbook, I address the posting issue.  My suggestion is NEVER post anything because you can’t take it back. It’s there for all to see.   Can your ex keep your children from you for it – legally no. However, your posting has intensified whatever vendetta or anger he has against you.  In addition to that, if you ever go back to court, don’t be surprised if your ex-husband  brings this posting to for the judge to see.  I am guessing that you already feel as though positing was a bad idea so I don’t need to belabor the issue.  In the future, be careful what you say and do.  In the meanwhile, you may want to stay away from social media for a little while.