Letter: Lack of Child Support

Letters From Readers

Hey Susan,

My ex-husband stopped paying child support six months ago. I filed with the courts and the child support office with no such luck.




Hi Susan,

I am sorry about the delay in your response for  your ex-husband’s non-payment of child support.

Six months is a long time for something, as critical as child support, to be held up in the courts.  That said, getting held up in court paperwork is something I hear of all the time.  I have also gotten myself caught up in the wheel spinning.

Please stay on top of this.  Until you get your money, and back money too, I would show up at the court every day.  I know it is a hassle.  You probably have a job. If going to the court every day interferes with your work, I suggest you let your  immediate supervisor know the situation (without getting into details) and ask to use personal or vacation time.  Do whatever it takes to be seen at the courts and have your situation addressed ASAP.

Find out what the governing body of child support is in your jurisdiction.  See if they can help you or even help with filing a complaint.  I believe most states have a specific time period that child support issues must be resolved.

I know all of this work does not feed your children.   You may even say, “Going to court everyday does put food on the table.”  My answer is if you are not getting the child support to feed your children  why not be proactive during that “wait” time.    Someone will eventually get sick of looking at you and do something for you.