Listening to Your Children During Your Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a harrowing experience. We are pulled in so many difference directions. If we have children, the situation becomes very complex.  You may now have almost full time care of your children. Even if you and your spouse share time with the children, you may feel that you are the one who has assumed most of the child responsibilities.

What we often fogged is that our children are also going through a divorce; something they never asked for.    Although you may be taking care of all of their needs such as food, school responsibilities, and doctor appointments, utilize your time by listening to them.  We all ask our kids the big question — How was school today?  The answer is usually “Fine.”   We know that is a catchall answer that means nothing.

If you drive your children to school or extracurricular activities, the time in the car is precious.  Listen to what they say.  Be present.  It is during these short moments where you can find out how they are really doing.  It is a few words here that speak volumes.  Those few words can help you best help them.

Your friend,