I used to work out religiously every day. Since my divorce, I have not been able to do a thing for myself.  Between work and taking care of the children, I have no time for me.  How did you make time for yourself?

Hi Becky,
Like you, before my separation I had a very nice work out schedule and held to it religiously.  When my ex moved out, I knew it was imperative for me to keep myself healthy and strong.  I get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and workout an hour before everyone else gets up.  For me, that was the only uninterrupted time I could carve out for myself.  Being an early riser, by nature, made it less challenging for me and I found that it gave me the boost I needed every day to get through the day. I found some great workout DVD’s so all I had to do was pop one in the television!!! I also ran three to four days a week, but that was part of a regime that I started years ago.
Before you do any exercise program, please check with your doctor first.