Divorce Recovery Ladder

I was shocked when I found out that Susan went through a terrible divorce herself.

One of our mutual fiends told me about Susan’s business of helping people so I stopped her one day to find out more. At the time I was going through the divorce from pure hell. I felt like I was always in a losing battle.

Susan was a tremendous help to me. A few of her suggestions were incredibly helpful to me. I became motivated to stop being intimidated but I was not sure I could fight my ex-husband. Susan made it sound so easy. Yet, here I am to say it was a just a few steps and a change of my attitude and life became much calmer. Now three years later, I can say I am very very happy.

My ex-husband is now divorced from the woman he married after he and I got divorced. I am remarried and very happy. Just goes to show how things work out for the best!! I am grateful for Susan.



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