Webinar: Battling Parental Alienation

Battling Parental Alienation - A Webinar

What to Do When Your Ex Convinces Your Children to Hate You

A Webinar by: Susan Shofer, The Divorce Consultant


Is your ex encouraging your children to disrespect you? Even hate you? Toxic divorces can include parental alienation, in which a child “aligns himself or herself strongly with one parent and rejects a relationship with the other parent, without legitimate justification” (Dr. William Bernet, Vanderbilt University).

Sadly, some parents are so vindictive that they want to hurt their former partners in the worst way possible, so they intentionally try to ruin the children’s relationship with their ex. If you’re the ex who is being targeted for alienation, you know how heartbreaking it is.

I know how you feel — I’ve been there.

But I was able to successfully overcome my ex’s attempts to alienate the two children we share. In this webinar, I will teach you what I learned through my own toxic divorce, and through my work as a licensed private investigator. You’ll learn how parental alienation happens, how it is viewed by the courts and mental health professionals, and, if you’re facing it, what you can do.


  • 6 reasons why a parent engages in alienation
  • How alienators get children to distance themselves
  • Why courts typically get parental alienation all wrong
  • How to parent when your kids are being alienated
  • How to find a program to help you reunite with your kids

Learning objectives

With this course, you will learn:

  • The definition of parental alienation
  • How to spot parental alienation
  • The impact alienation has on children
  • How to run interference with parental alienation

Program Agenda:

50 minutes of instruction

  • The difference between parental alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • What causes parental alienation?
  • Who is most vulnerable?
  • How does the alienator get the children to distance themselves from the targeted parent?
  • Common beliefs exhibited by the alienating parent
  • Levels of PAS
    • Mild parental alienation
    • Moderate parental alienation
    • Severe parental alienation
  • Why do the courts and medical profession not acknowledge parental alienation?
  • Why the courts typically get parental alienation all wrong
  • 8 symptoms of Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • Child abuse and PAS
  • Remedies: Don’ts and Dos
  • Some beneficial court-appointed professionals to help with PAS (friend or foe)
  • Programs that reunite targeted parents with alienated children
  • Long-term impact of parental alienation syndrome

10 minutes questions and answers

Is your ex trying to drive a wedge between you and your children through badmouthing, lies and threats? Here’s what you should do — and should not do — to protect your relationship with your kids.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook and Program were inspired by Susan’s own contentious divorce and triumph battling severe Parental Alienation.
Susan began her professional career in the financial industry working for an International Investment Firm.
After that, she was an agency licensed private investigator for two decades where she amassed thousands of court testifying hours.

Topics covered include: Realization of the situation | Attorneys | Finances | Children | Parental Alienation | Courts & Evidence | Recognizing Retaliation | Dating Again