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Feeling overwhelmed by your divorce? Need more help? With the Juggling Your Divorce podcast series, you receive:

Three full hours of audio and easy-to-follow worksheets broken down into 9 sections from Susan on how to navigate your divorce.  Susan touches on issues such as finding the right attorney, maintaining financial stability, managing children, understanding the court system, taking care of yourself and dating again —plus much more!!!  Susan’s fees are usually $100 an hour so that is an incredible savings.

In the podcasts, I cover:

Self Care
Find the Right Attorney
Financial Health
Dating Again
Toxic Divorces

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My experience as a private investigator helped me navigate around the courts, however, I was not aware of the complexities and nuances of the divorce process.   As a result, I ended up painstakingly trudging my way through my divorce.  My personal divorce experience, along with my two decades of court testifying experience, six years in the financial industry and talking with many women (and men) going through divorce has enabled me to develop The Divorce Recovery Ladder Podcast Program; a comprehensive and unique approach to making your life easier at a time when it feels like it is out of control.

Each podcast is between 20-40 minutes and has a corresponding worksheet(s) that compliment my discussion of each topic.

I strongly suggest you make a folder for each topic. After you listen to the podcast, drop the worksheet(s) for that topic in the appropriate folder. You will have the information at your fingertips when you need it.  With divorce, papers mount and the information is abundant.  Being organized is paramount to how well you do, emotionally and financially, during this process.  My program shows you the way.

I know you are busy with a job, maintaining a household and taking care of your children. The last thing you need is hours upon hours trying to figure out what to do next.  My program is concise.  Each topic could be a ten-hour podcast in and of itself.  I have researched each topic and picked out some of what I believe to be the essential actions you can take to make your journey less contentious, more collaborative with minimal financial impact or diminished quality of life.

Along with the podcasts, you are able to send me one email should you have any questions specific to your own situation, or find yourself unsure of any information I provide to you.

Keep in mind I cannot give you legal advice and I am not a therapist. I am able to clarify any information for your and I can surely provide you with resources should you need them.

I am thrilled that we have a protected forum for you and other people who have become members of our program.  The forum is passcode protected and ONLY available to people in a similar divorce situation.  It is this forum that will enable you to connect with people which is always a great place to obtain information and share ideas.

This is a program I desperately wanted when I was going through my own divorce.



Moving up the recovery ladder begins at the bottom where I address how to realize what is happening, how to move from being a couple to a single person.

Self Care

We get busy taking care of our children, our jobs, our homes, our parents – you name it.  During all of the care we give others, we forget to care for ourselves.  While this is a period of transition and change for you, it is essential that you care for your self.   I give you several instructions on how to care for yourself.


There is no other way to say other than – Children are victims of divorce.  They don’t have a choice and yet, they are placed in a situation where they no longer live wth both of their parents at the same time; something all children want.   In a shot time, their worlds are rearranged and they are muted as far as making the ultimate decisions during this very traumatic time of their lives. How they transition has a great deal to do with how we lead them through the process. I address how divorce impacts children and the benefits of counseling, for them,  during this time of turmoil.

Find the Right Attorney

All attorneys are not created equal.   The results of your divorce and the settlement you receive will only be as good as the attorney who represents you.  I provide you with questions to ask prospective attorneys BEFORE you consider hiring.   I discuss retainer fees, how long you should expect your divorce to take as well as times when you don’t need an attorney.

Financial Health

We all have heard stories of divorce leading to financial ruin.  I show you ways to avoid financial disaster that include conducting historical financial analysis so that you may maintain your current lifestyle, as much as possible before, during and after the divorce.


Some divorces start our amicable and others begin on a contentious note.  No matter how well or poorly the process begins, there is always the risk that your spouse may become hurt, angry or contentious. If this occurs, they may use retaliation as a way to “get back at you.”  In this podcast, I discuss how to detect and diffuse retaliation.


Divorces are usually completed in a courtroom setting, one that is foreign to most people.   Courtrooms can be daunting.   As a private investigator, I have two decades of experience testifying in court.  I explain family law and how to conduct yourself in court.  I also discuss evidence gathering so that you come to court prepared.  Your attorney will appreciate your preparedness and your stellar composure in the courtroom.

Dating Again

There comes that time when we want to step back into the dating world.  Before you do, I have a list of questions to ask your self to assure that you are ready to date again.  I address the issue of dating while you still have children at home.  It’s a great new time for you and you want to do so when you are no longer vulnerable and feeling wounded from divorce.

Toxic Divorce

As best as we try to have an amicable divorce, especially if there are children are involved, we cannot control if our spouses want to declare war on us.  This podcast is a must if you are facing a toxic/contentious divorce.  I delve into what creates the contention and how to modify it.  Toxic divorces wreak havoc on everyone’s lives.  I provide you with some case scenarios and how to confront the issues and deflate the contention.

So let’s get started.  Below are the links to click on for the podcasts with a  short description of for each one,  the worksheets and PDF.

We have two ways to purchase the program.
One single payment gets you $40 off of the purchase price
Two payments get you $20 off the purchase price
Three payments for original purchase price

1 review for Divorce Recovery Ladder – Juggling Your Divorce Program

  1. Scott K

    As a grown child of a contentious divorce, I see how massively important this information is. Years ago, the divorce code was just a few pages long, it was very rarely done. Over time, it has become a huge opportunity for a lot of people to get rich. Having a clear understanding of what to require from and look for in an attorney, as well as understanding the courts and how to gather and organize evidence saves thousands in billable hours.
    On top of the legal aspect of divorce, having a firm grasp of your finances, helping your children to adjust with less stress to the new situation, great tips on self-care; keeping yourself healthy for those who need you and Dating Again are all topics covered.

    As if that isn’t already a mass of information, Susan covers the more contentious, retaliatory and vicious aspects of divorces. Her own experience with Parental Alienation and her son that has gone from zero contact and a lot of reprogramming to the point of him sitting in front of a judge telling her what he wanted to once again a close, loving relationship. When he is not in college, he is with her. By his choice.
    Knowing what Susan has been through as well as her children and how she has managed to climb to a place of peace, happiness and far less stress. She has created something that both of my parents could have benefitted from. Things could have been so much different for myself, my 3 siblings as well as my parents.

    The Workbook is easy to follow and gives great points as well as interactive pages. The Program is a great elaboration of the topics covered in the Workbook, including individual worksheets for each topic and several hours of more detailed coverage. It also gives you the opportunity to have a more personal relationship with Susan for more customized answers.

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