No One Teaches You How to Go Through a Divorce

Unfortunately, circumstances usually force you to learn while on-the-job.

We are here to educate you for an easier divorce process.

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Tips For Getting Organized During Your Divorce

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Tips Of The Week Email Series

There are so many facets to divorce, that it is not hard to feel overwhelmed.

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How to Choose the Right Attorney When You’re Divorcing a Disordered Spouse

Understanding best interest attorneys, custody evaluators and parent coordinators

Live Webinar: Thursday, November 1, 2018 | 8 PM to 9 PM EST


  • Why your divorce is only as good as your attorney
  • How switching attorneys hurts your case
  • 6 issues that could derail a high-conflict divorce
  • 10 questions to ask attorneys — and the answers you must receive
  • What you need to know about paying for your divorce

About the Program:

All divorces are bad, but when you’re divorcing a sociopath, it could be really, really bad. Spouses with personality disorders create “high-conflict” divorces. They are entitled, manipulative and vindictive. They do not believe the rules — including court orders — apply to them. To get through your divorce as best you can, you need an attorney who is up to the challenge.

Not all of them are. If you choose the wrong attorney, it could seriously damage your case. You may have to fire him or her and start again — which will keep you in court longer and cost you a lot of money.

Pick the best attorney the first time. In this webinar, Susan Shofer, the Divorce Consultant, teaches you how to do it. She explains the six common issues that arise in high-conflict divorces, which your attorney must be able to handle. She teaches you the 10 questions to ask prospective attorneys — and the answers they must give you. If you don’t hear those answers, you should move on and interview someone else.

Divorcing a sociopath is not easy — but with the right attorney, it can be manageable. Susan teaches you how to choose the attorney who can truly help you.

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Friend or Foe in Your Custody Battle?

Understanding best interest attorneys, custody evaluators and parent coordinators

Live Webinar: Recorded on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


  • Why your attorney may recommend a best interest attorney (GAL) for your children
  • Reasons the court may appoint a custody evaluator to your case
  • The pros and cons of parenting coordinators
  • Advantages and disadvantages of these court-appointed professionals for your children
  • The inside story on how these court-appointed professionals may affect your case

Program Agenda:

  • What is a best interest attorney (also called Guardian Ad Litem)?
  • What is a custody evaluator?
  • What is a parenting coordinator?
  • Why would your attorney recommend a best interest attorney for your children?
  • Advantages of a best interest attorney for your children
  • Disadvantages of a best interest attorney for your children
  • Why is a custody evaluator appointed to your case?
  • Advantages of a custody evaluator
  • Disadvantages of a custody evaluator
  • Why would a parenting coordinator be assigned to your case?
  • Advantages of a parenting coordinator
  • Disadvantages of a parenting coordinator
  • Once the court appoints a professional …
  • Dealing with court-appointed professionals
  • If the professional seems biased
  • If you think the professionals are damaging your case
  • Are these court professionals beneficial to your case?

Court-appointed professionals may profoundly impact you and your children. Learn what they do, whether or not they will be helpful to your case, and if they are already involved, how you should deal with them.

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Battling Parental Alienation Syndrome:

What to do when your ex convinces your children to hate you

Live Webinar: Recorded on Wednesday, May 30, 2018


  • 6 reasons why a parent engages in alienation
  • How alienators get children to distance themselves
  • Why courts typically get parental alienation all wrong
  • How to parent when your kids are being alienated
  • How to find a program to help you reunite with your kids

Is your ex encouraging your children to disrespect you? Even hate you? Toxic divorces can include parental alienation, in which a child “aligns himself or herself strongly with one parent and rejects a relationship with the other parent, without legitimate justification” (Dr. William Bernet, Vanderbilt University).

Sadly, some parents are so vindictive that they want to hurt their former partners in the worst way possible, so they intentionally try to ruin the children’s relationship with their ex. If you’re the ex who is being targeted for alienation, you know how heartbreaking it is.

Susan Shofer knows how you feel — she’s been there. But Susan was able to successfully overcome her ex’s attempts to alienate the two children they shared. In this webinar, Susan will teach you what she learned through her own toxic divorce, and through her work as a licensed private investigator. You’ll learn how parental alienation happens, how it is viewed by the courts and mental health professionals, and, if you’re facing it, what you can do.

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Private Consultations

Woman on phone

Do you feel stuck?

Divorce is a daunting process because there are so many pieces to the process that the journey can be overwhelming.

Get the benefit of Susan’s assistance to help you climb out of your rut and move through your divorce capable to tackle every issue that you need to address.  Sessions may either be via Skype ($120 per hour) or telephone ($100 per hour).

Workshop or Speaking Engagement with Susan

Susan’s workshops are comprehensive touching on all issues of divorce. She addresses:

Finding the right attorney
Learning how to handle finances
Getting the best settlement possible
Taking care of the children during divorce
Parental Alienation issues
Taking care of yourself
How to spot and diffuse a high conflict divorce
Staying safe during a divorce and…
Dating again


Group Hands Interlocked

Susan’s workshops can be conducted in small settings as well as large groups.  Minimum size is ten attendees. 

Susan’s Divorce Recovery Ladder workbook is included in the pricing. Contact us today to set up a workshop for your group.