Taking Care of Yourself During Divorce

It is very easy, during the divorce process, to take care of everyone and everything instead of taking care of ourselves.  I know this because I am an offender.  I take care of my children, my business, my house and before I know it the only person who is not cared for is me. Yet, I am needed in so many different places. Does that sound familiar?

We have been raised to believe that we need to sacrifice for the betterment of others.  But does it help our children  or our jobs if we are sick and exhausted?  My tip today is about self care.

If you find you are burning the candle at both ends (and I bet you are) begin self care by taking 15 minutes a day.  Yes, 15 measly minutes to do something for you. If that means you take a little longer to the walk to the mail box or read a magazine – just do it.  It can be very refreshing.   So start with 15 minutes now and do it for seven days.  Eventually it will become a habit and you can add more time.  You see how just that little bit of time benefits you and everyone around you.

Your friend,