The Possibility of Getting a Family Pet

Your children have come to you with the request to get a family pet.  Yikes!!!  You are already overwhelmed with your job, taking care of the kids and the house and “Oh my does it ever stop?”

Your first inclination is probably to respond with a quick and resounding NO.  Before you say no, do a little research.  Is a family dog or cat conducive to your lifestyle?  Dogs and cats can teach children responsibilities.  They are provide solace and companionship for children.  If you have an only child, a dog or cat can be a surrogate sibling.  If you have more than one child, a dog or cat can add more love to your family.

Make a pros and cons sheet with your children. If there are more cons, then you can convey that to the children and they will better understand the reason(s) why a pet does not fit into your lifestyle right now. It’s a lot better for them to see the list of reasons rather than hearing a flat out — NO. However, if the pros list is longer, then you can include them in choosing your new “family member.”

I can’t wait to hear about your family’s new addition!!

Your friend,